Poster programme

Poster Session A - Tuesday 15 September, 09:00 - 10:15 BST


A Rule-based Simulation Tool for DNA Strand Displacement Systems (Eligible for Prize)
Vinay Gautam, Shiting Long, and Pekka Orponen


Algorithmic Design of 3D Wireframe RNA Polyhedra
Antti Elonen, Ashwin K. Natarajan, Ibuki Kawamata, Lukas Oesinghaus, Abdulmelik Mohammed, Jani Seitsonen, Yuki Suzuki, Friedrich C. Simmel, Anton Kuzyk, and Pekka Orponen


Poster withdrawn


Cascaded Pattern Formation in Hydrogel using Reaction-Diffusion System (Eligible for Prize)
Keita Abe, Ibuki Kawamata, Shin-Ichiro Nomura, and Satoshi Murata


Accelerating finite-element method for reaction-diffusion simulations on GPU with CUDA
Hedi Sellami, Leo Cazenille, T. Fujii, Masami Hagiya, Nathanael Aubert-Kato, and Anthony J. Genot


Automated exploration of DNA-structures-building CRNs (Eligible for Prize)
Leo Cazenille, Alexandre Baccouche, and Nathanael Aubert-Kato


Programmable Self-assembly of a Flexible DNA Ring Motif (Eligible for Prize)
Shiyun Liu, Ibuki Kawamata, and Satoshi Murata


Towards Spiral Self-assembly of DNA Origami Structure (Eligible for Prize)
Yi Jin, Ibuki Kawamata, Yuki Suzuki, Nomura M.Shin-ichiro, and Satoshi Murata


On the Control of R Systems
Ryutaro Yako, and Satoshi Kobayashi


Poster withdrawn

Poster Session B, Tuesday 15 September, 16:50 - 18:05 BST


De novo design of synthetic RNA thermometers based on associative strand displacement (Eligible for Prize)
Jaeseung Hahn, and Tal Danino


Efficient and accurate prediction of DNA secondary structures using Machine Learning (Eligible for Prize)
Swathi Manda, and Ashwin Gopinath


SIMD||DNA: Experimental validation and high-throughput readout (Eligible for Prize)
Boya Wang, Siyuan Wang, Cameron Chalk, Andrew Ellington, and David Soloveichik


StableGen: an online tool to compute stable configurations of Thermodynamic Binding Networks
Benson Huang, Varun Prabhu, Hasan Saleemi, Anthony Vento, Steven Wang, Kyle Zhou, Keenan Breik, and David Soloveichik


Molecular machines from topological linkages (Eligible for Prize)
Keenan Breik, Tosan Omabegho, and David Soloveichik


New Insights on Real-Time CRN-Computable Numbers
William Fletcher, Titus Klinge, James Lathrop, and Matthew Rayman


A Software Testing Framework for Stochastic Chemical Reaction Network Programs (Eligible for Prize)
Myra Cohen, Michael Gerten, Titus Klinge, and James Lathrop


MENDEL: an automated design tool for DNA nanotechnology (Eligible for Prize)
Jorge Eduardo Guerrero, and Reza Zadegan 


Poster withdrawn

Poster Session C, Wednesday 16 September, 10:50 - 12:05 BST


Poster transferred to Session D


Handhold-mediated strand displacement: a nucleic acid-based reaction to implement far-from-equilibrium templating (Eligible for Prize)
Javier Cabello Garcia, Wooli Bae, Guy-Bart Stan, and Thomas E. Ouldridge


Coarse-Grained Simulation of DNA Hydrogel Structures
Oliver Henrich, Yair Augusto, Gutierrez Fosado, Zhongyang Xing, Magdalena Hudek, and Erika Eiser


REVNANO: An Algorithm to Reverse Engineer Scaffolded DNA/RNA Origami Designs from Sequence Information Only (Eligible for Prize)
Ben Shirt-Ediss, Juan Elezgaray, Jordon Connolly, Emanuela Torelli, Jaume Bacardit, and Natalio Krasnogor


A 4-component modular ‘plug and play’ approach to detection and amplification of single nucleotide variant nucleic acids (Eligible for Prize)
Alexander Hawes, Luke Gaughan, Jurek Kozyra, and Harold Fellermann


Probability of complex output in a simple self-assembly model of polycubes (Eligible for Prize)
Joakim Bohlin, Andrew Turberfield, and Ard Louis


Strategies of actin filament multiplication towards upscaled device for parallel network-based biocomputation
Venukumar Vemula, and Alf Månsson


Algorithm and design for solving EXACT COVER problem using network-based biocomputation (Eligible for Prize)
Pradheebha Surendiran, Aseem Salhotra, Till Korten, Alf Månsson, Stefan Diez, Hillel Kugler, Dan Nicolau Jr, and Heiner Linke


Towards optical guiding of myosin propelled actin filaments in a biocomputation network (Eligible for Prize)
Aseem Salhotra, Mohammad A. Rahman, Paul V. Ruijgrok, Frida W. Lindberg, Christoph R. Meinecke, Till Korten, Roman Lyttleton, Heiner Linke, Zev Bryant, and Alf Månsson


Reconstruction Algorithms for DNA-Storage Systems (Eligible for Prize)
Omer Sabary, Alexander Yucovich, Guy Shapira, and Eitan Yaakobi

Poster Session D, Wednesday 16 September, 16:55 - 18:10 BST


Rotary DNA nanotube microswimmers driven by electrophoresis (Eligible for Prize)
Franky Djutanta, Jason Sentosa, Kaprao Fuegner, Bernard Yurke, and Rizal Hariadi


RNA and RNA:DNA hybrid strand displacement kinetics (Eligible for Prize)
Hao Liu, Fan Hong, Francesca Smith, John Goertz, Thomas Ouldridge, Hao Yan, and Petr Sulc


Supervised learning in a multi-layer, non-linear chemical neural network (Eligible for Prize)
David Arredondo, and Matthew R. Lakin


Availability-Driven Design of Hairpin Fuels and Small Interfering Strands for Leakage Reduction in Autocatalytic Networks
Drew Lysne, Kailee Jones, Alma Stosius, Timothy Hachigian, Jeunghoon Lee, and Elton Graugnard


Improving DNA origami through scaffold optimization
Sarah Kobernat, George Dickinson, William Clay, Luca Piantanida, Chad Watson, Tim Andersen, Wan Kuang, William Hughes, and Eric Hayden


Bio-Inspired Energy Distribution for Programmable Matter (Eligible for Prize)
Joshua Daymude, Andr
éa Richa, and Jamison Weber


Batch processing and renewal of DNA seesaw logic circuits by orthogonally photocontrolled toehold exchange (Eligible for Prize)
Germán Velasco, Israel Marck- Martínez-Pérez, and Alejandro Huerta-Saquero


Biomimetic Transmembrane signal transducing DNA nanosensors for intact membrane enclosed biomarker detections (Eligible for Prize)
Swarup Dey, Alonzo Beatty V, Fei Zhang, Rizal Hariadi, Yan Liu, and Hao Yan


Iterative Kinetic Proofreading for High-Specificity DNA Sequence Discrimination
Chandler Petersen, Alexander Johnson-Buck, and Nils G. Walter


Cells, diffusion and geometry: programming patterns with leader election and signal comparison (Eligible for Prize)
Boya Wang, Elie Soloveichik, and David Soloveichik

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1 March 2020

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21 May 2020

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29 June 2020

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8 July 2020

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9 September 2020


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