Biomolecular computing is an interdisciplinary field that draws together molecular biology, physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics. Our knowledge of biomolecular computing and the closely-associated field of DNA nanotechnology is increasing exponentially. This annual international meeting began in 1995, immediately after the landmark paper by L Adleman, in which an instance of the Hamiltonian path problem was solved using DNA molecules, opened the door to this new field. Since then, the meeting has been a forum at which scientists from diverse backgrounds, who share a common interest in biomolecular computing, meet and present their latest results.


Congratulations to our winners!

Excellent Student Paper Award:
CRNs exposed: A Method for the Systematic Exploration of Chemical Reaction Networks
Marko Vasic, University of Texas, Austin, USA

Best student presentation:
Programming and Simulating Chemical Reaction Networks on a Surface (Track B)
Samuel Clamons, Lulu Qian, and Erik Winfree

Best student poster:  
P21: Handhold-mediated strand displacement: a nucleic acid-based reaction to implement far-from-equilibrium templating
Javier Cabello Garcia, Wooli Bae, Guy-Bart Stan, and Thomas E. Ouldridge

Key dates

Submission opens

1 March 2020

Full paper (track A) and abstract (track B) submission

21 May 2020

Notification of paper acceptance

29 June 2020

Poster (track C) submission                                                

8 July 2020

Registration deadline

9 September 2020


Sponsored by the International Society for Nanoscale Science, Computation and Engineering